Yalova Composite and Chemical Expertise Organized Industrial Zone (YALKIM OIZ) was established in the locality of Taşköprü, district of Çiftlikköy, province of Yalova, in an area where leading industrial plants in Turkey have been located since 1968 pursuant to the legal regulations introduced for establishment of “Improvement OIZ’s” by means of the provisional article 8 incorporated into OIZ Law no. 4562 as well as provisional article 5 incorporated by means of article 18 of OIZ Implementation Regulation as amended through the Official Gazette issued on 04.08.2011 under issue number 28015.

The founding partners of YALKIM OIZ are the Acrylic Based Composite, Advanced Materials and Technology Producers’ Association with 82% of shares and 12 representatives; Governorship Of Yalova with 6% of shares and 1 representative; Yalova Chamber of Commerce and Industry with 6% of shares and 1 representative; and Taşköprü Municipality with 6% of shares and 1 representative.

YALKIM OIZ acquired legal personality with registration number 308 given by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology on July 3, 2015 after the completion of location selection and application processes.

Treatment plant which is one of the most important prerequisites for improvement was commissioned in December 2015 and it has been offering advanced physical, biological and chemical treatment services to our companies smoothly since then.

YALKİM OSB, which is one of the leading companies of our country with its own sectors, continues its activities by increasing its contribution to regional and national economy.