YALKIM OIZ Wastewater Treatment Plant is situated on an area of 17.303 m2 with an indoor area of 9.566 m2 Wastewater is fed into the Waste Water Treatment Plant through 5 different pipelines. The wastewater treatment plant consists of physical treatment, chemical treatment, biological treatment and sludge dewatering units.


YALKIM OIZ Wastewater Treatment Plant has the capacity to process wastewater flow of 15.000 m3/day and its design allows for reducing the contamination load of 34.000 kg KOİ/day and 5.000 kg TKN/day to the legal discharge limits specified in Water Contamination Control Regulation. The project of YALKIM OIZ Wastewater Treatment Plant was approved on 15.01.2014. The plant is operated by a team of 27 (comprised of the plant manager, engineers, technicians, operational and maintenance operators) on 24/7 basis in shifts. The operation of the treatment plan is monitored via “scada” in order to respond to process parameters and equipment breakdowns instantly. Hence, the safety of treatment process is upheld to the maximum extent.

  • Grid Channel
  • Sand and Oil Baffle Unit
  • Balancing Tank
  • Fast Mixing Tank
  • Slow Mixing Tank
  • Chemical Sedimentation Tank
  • Aeration Tank
  • Biological Sedimentation Tank
  • Sludge Tank