Having entered into carbon fiber market by establishing its own technological infrastructure as a result of the outstanding efforts of Turkish engineers in 2009, Aksa went on to incorporate DowAksa as a 50:50 joint venture with Dow Europe Holding B.V., a subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company in 2012. Today, DowAksa is among the most powerful companies, racing to the top of the world in carbon fiber and carbon fiber based material production thanks to the promising infrastructure of Aksa for growth as well as know-how and expertise of Dow on resins. Also, DowAksa is the first and only Turkish company to operate in carbon fiber industry.

Carbon fiber is a strategic product with high added value providing innovative solutions for increasing power generation capacity of wind turbines, reducing fuel consumption of automobiles, reinforcing infrastructure and structures to extend their lifetime and similar important challenges in the contemporary world. DowAksa, an international joint venture, aims to focus on integrated solutions improving competitive power in energy, automotive, infrastructure, aeronautical and defence industries which are known to expand globally and reducing total costs in order to create a wider area of application in target industries making use of carbon fiber and derivatives. Also, it aims to offer a wide range of products to the rapidly growing carbon fiber composite industry.

The development of an industrial organization which is globally adopted for high technology investments, also known as ‘clustering’, in the periphery of DowAksa and Yalova shall certainly contribute to the strategic power of Turkey. This clustering model which shall consist of industries using advanced material technologies and companies marketing those products is expected to create an employment opportunity for nearly 1,000 individuals for both the region and industry.

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